Buying a Home in USA

DoCan I Buy any Home in the USA?

Not every home for sale is available for purchase by non-citizens, but it is very easy to buy a home in the US if you work with an experienced agent. Randy Duncan has years of experience and is eager to help you with the process.


Tax Treaty CA & USA

How do I keep from paying taxes in the US?

The basic rule is: a Canadian who spends more than half of the year in the U.S. runs the risk of being subject to U.S. taxes. (stay under 182 days to meet the current standard 4-25-2014)

You still have to file an 8840 form with the IRS.

What does the treaty mean to me?

The IRS and CRA will be sharing information.  This means that you have to keep track of your time and report it accurately to both agencies.


Visiting the USA

Do I need a visa to enter the US?

Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the United States directly from Canada for the purposes of visiting or studying. (as long as they stay less than 182 days in the US)